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4 Steps to Start Your Success Story

We wanted to say “Six Steps to Start Your Success Story” because that alliteration is oh, so sweet! But applying to NCC is actually only 4 steps so we’re all winning.

Step 1: Snack for Success

No, that headline isn’t a typo!

We strongly believe that snacking is THE key to success in life so grab your favorite snack before you dive in. Set aside a couple of minutes to prepare important info that you’ll need to apply and start your program at NCC.

You will need your:

  • Social security number
  • Legal guardian’s email and phone number
  • High school and/or college credit name and information
  • Emergency contact’s phone number.

Yes, it’s super boring, blah info to gather but also so very important to you successfully starting your #collegelife today!

Step 2: Basic But Necessary—Create an Account

Create an account using your personal email to access the NCC admission application.

Save this page so you can quickly access it at any time. No shame if “saving” this page means taking another screenshot or keeping it pulled up on your tabs for life. Because is there any other way to save a page?!

This page is your application home base, HQ, command center...whatever you want to call it, don’t lose this page. This is where you can check the status of your application or submit any needed supplemental documentation.

This step takes less than 3 minutes to complete—you got this!

Step 3: “The Step”

This is “the step” where you will create your application! Don’t stop, you are so close to creating your ideal life in your dream career.

After you create an account, you’ll be brought to your application account. Select the button “Create A New Application” to start the application process.

Remember that information you gathered in Step 1 after you grabbed your snacks? Get that ready, and you’ll finish the application in less than 8-10 minutes. Speedy fast, baby.

Follow the prompts to fill out the application—we help you out along the way and autofill what information we already know because the less work you have to do in an application, the better!

Step 4: Dance Party

Drum made it!

Submit your application and bust out your best dance move—you successfully applied to NCC! You’re now on the path to pursuing your passions in life.

Our super awesome team will reach out by email in 1-3 business days with your official, fancy-pants acceptance letter and next steps.

Tips for Success

*that don’t include snacking

  • Take time to carefully read through each step of the application...even if you’re the best speed reader in the whole wide world, don’t. rush. the. application!
  • Don’t get lost! Bookmark the NCC application account page once you’ve created an account to easily find your way back home.
  • Remember to create your account using your personal email, not your school email. **Ahem** That’s your personal email, not your school email.
  • Know who you are! When you fill out the application, you’ll be asked to select if you are a Degree Seeking Student or a Non-Degree Seeking Student. If you want to attend NCC for a program or a degree, you are a Degree-Seeking Student. On the other hand, if you want to pick up a few credits to transfer back to your home college, you are a Non-Degree Seeking Student. Got it? Good!
  • Give yourself a pat on the back (if that’s what people do now-a-days)—you’re starting your success story! You’re on the path to pursuing your passions in life.